Simpsons Predicted Dananeer Pawri Hori Hai

Did ‘The Simpsons’ Predicted Dananeer Will Go Viral For Having A ‘Pawry’?

Conspiracy theorists spilled the tea.

If any entity on earth is going to accurately forecast mankind’s doom, it’s likely going to be the long-running animated series, The Simpsons.

For over three decades, the series has thrived with a dedicated audience around the world. But da khabra da chi despite many of its storylines being stupid beyond belief, aghe ki aksar waqiyat bya real life ki belkul umagha shan repeat shi.


Whether that’s strange, unconscious manifestation or clairvoyance is up to you to decide, but it’s impossible to look at The Simpsons and not feel a bit uneasy about how spot-on the FOX show seems to be about what’s to come. Ao bya ghata khabra da chi hara wraz sara da dui predictions nor hum strong kegi.


In the most recent edition of The Simpsons Predicts the Future, someone has unearthed a clip that looks a lot like how a recent meme went viral on desi twitter.

Dananeer, a girl from Peshawar, becomes an internet sensation for doing ‘nothing’

Dananeer Mobeen, a social media influencer from Peshawar, became an overnight internet sensation after a 5-second video of her went viral on social media.

On the face of it, there is nothing special about it. In the viral clip, she literally just says “This is our car, this is us, and “we are having a party.” That’s it. That’s all it took her to become a star overnight.

So, what’s her deal you ask? Before we tell you, here’s the clip in case you missed it:

She uses the English word for “party” but pronounces it “pawrty”.

The video caption explains that this is a rant about how “burgers” talk when they visit Pakistan’s northern areas.

For the uninitiated, “Burger” is a term Pakistanis use for those who try emulate the western cult but fail to do so properly. Instead, they pick up the cringiest habits that annoy everyone around them especially their own family and friends. (Extra tip: Burger bachas are kids of burger parents who are even worse than the average burgers.)

“It’s not my style to talk like this in burger style…. I did it just to make you all (my Instagram followers) laugh,” the ‘pawry girl’ explained in another video.

Far from being offended, Pakistanis starting recreating the short clip and doing what Pakistani Twitter does best: making memes. It wasn’t long before international celebrities, cricketers and brands also jumped on the bandwagon.

funny pawri ho rahi hai memes 1 768x830 2
funny pawri ho rahi hai memes 3

Now, to spice things up, someone dug up an old clip from The Simpsons claiming that bare resembles with how Dananeer and the Simpson character in the video got famous.

Bart Simpson becomes an overnight idol for doing nothing extraordinary

Just like Dananeer quickly became the center of attention for doing nothing but uttering a few words; Bart Simpson becomes an overnight star for doing the same.

The 14th Episode of The Simpsons Season 5 which as aired in 1993 shows that after Bart Simpson accidentally breaks the stage during a live performance. “I didn’t do it!,” Bart shouts and then leaves the stage.

The phrase”I didn’t do it!” quickly turns into a new trend where people say the same phrase after doing something criminal or stupid.

A short phrase — merely a short phrase out of his mouth — turns him into a celebrity overnight. Bart starts getting invitation from popular TV shows. His fans even stand for hours in line just to catch a glimpse of their idol.

Connecting the dots

When you compare Bart to our very own Dananeer, I think it is safe to say that The Simpsons actually did predict this one too. All she does is utter a few words in a 5 seconds clip and — boom — she is an internet sensation now.


While the resemblance here may not be as uncanny as one would expect; there are, however, several other accounts where the Simpsons family has alluded to many real-life events long before they’ve actually happened. Take Trump’s presidency, the discovery of the Higgs boson particle, 9/11 and, most recently, Disney’s takeover of Fox for instance. By some accounts, the coincidences — predictions, if you will — number in the 20s, or more.

This track record has led the show’s fans to think that “The Simpsons” is, at the very least, a product of American TV’s most intelligent writers, and, at the most, prophetic.

So is there something bigger going on? What do you think? Sound off in the comment section bellow.

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