Generic Group Rules

The following in-house rules are applicable for all groups created and/or managed by PashtoScoop Media, it’s partners and/or it’s affiliates.


  1. Respect everyone’s privacy. Avoid:
    • Sending friend requests or private messages to random people in the group, especially when asked not to.
    • Sending inbox messages to admins/moderators asking them to approve your posts. An admin/mod will approve your posts automatically as soon as he can.
  2. PashtoScoop Media, its partners and affiliates, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to remove/block any member from the group without any reason/explaination or prior warnings.
  3. PashtoScoop Media reserves the right to delete, modify and/or publish content shared in the group on any of it’s platforms. This includes memes, written content, videos and other similar content.
  4. Group members must not copy content shared by other members in the group and publish them on their own profiles/pages or any other similar platforms without giving proper credits to the original owner of the post/content. Any member found stealing other members’ intellecutal property will be immediately banned from the group.
  5. Members may not explicitly promote anything on the group or ask for visits, likes, votes etc unless otherwise allowed by an admin. Any and all promotions on the group have to be communicated to an admin or our sales team – [email protected].
  6. Try and give due credit for images, posts, recipes and links, wherever possible, especially when it is someone else’s intellectual property. #Goodvibes only!
  7. Socially unacceptable behaviour, including being rude, racist and vulgar will not be allowed and will lead to removal and being banned from the group.

Furhermore, your access to and membership of groups managed by PashtoScoop Media, or any of it’s affiliates, is also subject to our User Agreement, copy of which is available on our website.

Content Moderation

Moderation happens through the day, and in case of any issues, you can write to us at [email protected] You can also tag a moderator in case you need help.


The statements and opinions in the content published in Facebook groups managed by PashtoScoop Media are those of the individual member or user, as indicated, and do not necessarily reflect and represent views and opinions of PashtoScoop Media as a company.

Last Revised: August 6, 2020